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AI for the study of Environmental Risks (AI4ER)

UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training

The University provides on-line training to raise awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion issues as well as unconscious bias, which is a mandatory requirement for staff involved in the selection and supervision of students, and must be undertaken every 3 years. The AI4ER CDT offers customised unconscious bias training that targets postgraduate student recruitment and assessment; this occurs on an annual basis and is mandatory for all members of the AI4ER management group and strongly recommended for any staff involved in teaching or training of AI4ER students. This face-to-face course will be run by the Equality and Diversity section of the University of Cambridge Human Resources division. 

During induction week, the MRes students attend an ED&I information session that includes a discussion of what the students’ responsibilities are with respect to ED&I and what they should expect from the CDT, including information on how to report any issues. Information on ED&I training and mentorship throughout the CDT is also provided via the monthly student newsletter and through professional development study groups. 

The University also offers a wide variety of diversity and inclusion training through the Linkedin Learning platform, which is available for all staff and students.